Important Disclosures to Prospective Purchasers of Real Estate

from Jon Clark Realty,LLC

The following disclosures (with contact information) are to assist you in conducting your due diligence as to any property that you are considering purchasing. We urge you to research and investigate all matters related to such properties so that you can make informed decisions before you decide to make an offer to purchase real estate.

Notice of Airports in Vicinity

This property may be located in the vicinity of an airport. For that reason, the property may be subject to some of the annoyances or inconveniences associated with proximity to airport operations (for example: noise, vibration, odors, construction and expansion). Individual sensitivities to those annoyances can vary from person to person. You may wish to consider what airport annoyances, if any, are associated with the property before you complete your purchase and determine whether they are acceptable to you. For more information you may contact: Airport Director, Manchester Airport (603/624-6539), Pease International, Portsmouth Airport Operations Department (603/433-6536), Nashua Municipal Airport, Airport Manager’s office (603/882-0661).

Flood Hazard Zones

Please note that flood zones may be reclassified from time to time, and may occur prior to or during ownership. It is always a good precaution to check the current status prior to purchasing. FEMA stores flood maps in local “Map Repositories” so that you can have easy access to them. Please call the FEMA Map Assistance Center toll free at 1-877-FEMA MAP (1-877-336-2627) or “E-mail a Map Specialist” for information on where the map repository for your community is located. Flood maps are also available through the Map Service Center. For New Hampshire information on flooding in your area contact the NH Department of Safety Homeland Security and Emergency Management at 1-800-852-3792 or their Website at

Megan’s Law

Megan’s Law was enacted to notify buyers and tenants about the proximity of registered sex offenders. Buyers and tenants may access a database containing information about registered sex offenders by contacting area police departments and the State of New Hampshire. New Hampshire Registered Offenders against Children,

Neighborhood Environmental Contamination

The potential for hazardous substance contaminated sites in the vicinity of residential property could be anything from a local gasoline station with a leaking underground fuel tank to an industrial site. These hazards may effect nearby as well as an entire surrounding area. Buyers with questions about environmental contamination issues are encouraged to contact the U.S. Environmental Agency at Customer Call Center: New England States (888/372-7341), Outside New England (617/918-1111. US EPA, Region 1, 1 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02114-2023 or their website at

Highway or Road Construction and Expansion

Highway or road construction and expansion is an ongoing process throughout the State of NH. For information pertaining to a specific location, please contact the local town or city planning board or the States DOT at New Hampshire Department of Transportation, (603/271-3734), http://www.nh.gove/dot/index.htm

There is also a pamphlet available from the New Hampshire Bar Association called “Home Buying and Selling in New Hampshire” that you may obtain in hard copy by calling (603/224-6942) or online at the public.

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